Portfolio Post

What is Portfolio Optimization?

The Nobel Prize-winning Portfolio Theory of Harry M. Markowitz has laid the foundations for modern portfolio investment strategy. But what does portfolio optimization mean andd how can I benefit from it? Read more about the professional portfolio building strategy.


Cryptocurrency Portfolio Rebalancing – How often & why?

To include recent events and changes in your portfolio strategy it is necessary to rebalance the weightings time and again. Read this blogpost on how often and why you should rebalance your cryptocurrency portfolio weights.

Blogpost Top 10

Top 10 Cryptocurrency Terms

Just started with Crypto? This blogpost is ideal for everyone who is new into this topic. Learn about the TOP 10 cryptoucurrency terms you
definitely know. This is the best way to start your cryptocurrency journey.

day of week

Best Day of Week to Buy Cryptocurrencies

Which day is the best to buy cryptocurrencies? This blogpost on behavioural finance deals with the different performance for each day of week. Is there any pattern?
Is it the same pattern for every coin? Learn which weekday has the best performance.